We have named our new leather backpack “companion”. Why? Because it stands for its name: The companion accompanies you on your personal path in life.

Regardless of whether you need a spacious backpack for school, study, work, sports or for all your leisure activities – the companion supports you in all your projects. It’s versatile and yet simple.

The companion is a leather backpack that combines vegetable tanned leather with natural material made from hemp. It is produced locally, handmade and of high quality.


increases life energy. You can always be sure that this leather backpack will support you in all your projects. It doesn’t matter whether you do a spontaneous purchase at the market or if you’re in the mood for a trip to the lake. The companion offers enough space to be prepared for everything.


Not only our little ones can wear a hukkepack. Do you like inspiring design, beautiful colours and usable things made from natural materials? Are you maybe a teacher, are you cycling to work or are you traveling a lot with the family? hukkepack is also perfect for adults – due to the adjustable shoulder straps and the possibility to converse it into a carrying bag. Whether as a fashionable backpack or everyday bag, teacher bag, diaper bag, picnic basket or briefcase – the hukkepack does it all. It is timeless, versatile, robust and durable.



Ergonomic construction is as important for adults as it is for children. A packed hukkepack leather backpack should sit comfortably.

  1. soft and ergonomic back padding
  2. low weight
  3. pleasant weight distribution along the spine
  4. comfortable and wide shoulder straps
  5. adjustable chest strap
  6. adjustable shoulder straps in 3 sizes

When tanning our leather, no chemicals are used. Therefore, it may be that the leather of your hukkepack is a bit stiff at the beginning. That disappears after a short time. The leather becomes more flexible and pleasantly soft.

We want your hukkepack to have history and to last for long, to age beautifully

with character over time