The story of hukkepack began with the school enrollment of our son in 2015. When we bought a commercial schoolbag – made of plastic and quite colourful – we questioned the purchase afterwards. That’s why we started researching.

We are Antje and Robert – in their early thirties and pleased with things that impress with simplicity, but also with design and functionality. We like natural raw materials, good workmanship and the possibility of re-use things. Inspired by our research, our then 3 ½-year-old daughter decided: “When I come to school, I want to have a yellow schoolbag made of leather!” In the following three years her opinion did not change. However, there was no contemporary, everyday life-suitable leather schoolbag to be found, which suited our ideas.

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We combine our constant desire to travel with finding new ideas and inspirations. We live preferably simple and in the neighborhood of the local people. We talk, discover and research. Thus, we have developed a sense of good, quality and usable materials. This has become a fundamental part of our working and life philosophy over time.

For our hukkepack schoolbags and backpacks we use high-quality, vegetable-tanned cowhide leather from selected tanneries, which is processed by the manufacturer Thielemann Lederwaren with high quality standards. Both, leather tanneries and manufactory, have decades of experience in using high quality and natural materials.

The leather for our hukkepack products is vegetable tanned. Only plant-based tanning agents such as leaves, wood, bark, fruit and roots are used for this tanning process.

No chemicals are used when our leather is tanned. Therefore, it may be that the leather of your hukkepack is a bit stiff at the beginning. That disappears after a short time. The leather becomes more flexible and pleasantly soft.

Leather is versatile, distinctive and lively. It is a natural product – unique and by no means perfect. That’s why we love it. Our hukkepack schoolbags and companions are made of the upper part of leather. Skin folds, scars and insect bites are partly visible and testify that the hukkepack backpacks are a genuine natural product. And the leather lives on. The leather of a hukkepack receives new traces by sun, rain and the daily use. That tells of the life of the owners. Own marks make A hukkepack to YOUR hukkepack.


hukkepack leather bags are alive. They collect marks, carry traces and remember the weather. You spend a lot of time together and share great experiences. As you change, your hukkepack changes with you. For example, when it is time to swap the jacket at the season change.

Simply release the lock, move the knob and fasten again. Go on!

Maybe you do not like to wear a backpack for a while. Then you simply give your hukkepack a new function: as a shoulder bag.

Simply remove the straps, attach the carrying strap and go on!